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CARL KIM  MBACP, UKCP, Dip. Psych • Counselling and therapy in Chelmsford, Essex, or Online • +44 7952 524 084

There are times in our lives when we're not OK, and we believe that no one understands our struggles, that we alone should fix them,
or that things will never change.

But it needn't

be like


Think Feel Act
Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy, counselling and therapy in Chelmsford and Essex or online for your mental and emotional well-being


You regularly feel anxious and unsettled. Perhaps your chest feels tight or your stomach nauseous. You may have a sense of pending doom – that something bad will happen which you can’t avoid. Maybe you seek escape through sleep, but find that nothing changes when the sleep ends – you wake up feeling still tired and you dread having to face the day.


You feel unworthy and not important. You believe you've made so many mistakes in your life and continue to make them. So you’re in a rut. Nothing that you do works out so “why even bother?” You are angry, fed up and tired. You believe that there must be something wrong with you, that you’re not as good as you used to be, or question whether you ever were.


People don’t understand you, they don’t see the good in you. No matter how much you try they take you the wrong way. Relationships don’t work out, and your family and friends let you down. Everyone gets hurt too often. Something needs to change, but you don’t know what or how.


Everything seems like too much effort and nothing comes easily. There’s no pleasure to be had even in things that should be enjoyable. Each day you feel you merely exist, without motivation, or sense of purpose. You are left feeling numb whilst the world is happening around you. Other people are moving on, but you are stuck and can only watch.


You’re angry and it comes out in bursts and as rage. Drug or alcohol helps you cope. Perhaps it’s a deep and constant sadness, like a heavy blanket. Or it's fear. At times the emotions are too much to hold. You say or do things in the moment, but there are painful consequences. You live with the weight of a guilt that sits on your mind and in your heart, and it eats away at you. You feel you are to blame, and that's also scary.


You feel that something is not right inside and in your life. But you’ve been getting on everyday and for a long time. You feel that it needs to be addressed. Other people don’t even notice it. But you do, though you can’t put your finger on it.  You feel it’s time understand it and free yourself from it.


You’re angry and it comes out in bursts and as rage.  You're dependent on drugs or alcohol in order to cope.  Perhaps it’s a deep and constant worry or fear, like a heavy, grey blanket. At times the emotions are too much to contain within yourself. You say or do things in the heat of the moment, but there are painful consequences. You live with the weight of a guilt that sits on your mind and in your heart, and it eats away at you. You feel you are to blame, and that's also difficult to face.


Psychotherapy can bring life changing experiences (literally) by challenging and altering these limiting and harmful beliefs, feelings and behaviours. Starting therapy can feel like a heavy and daunting task, but with my support and confidentiality together we can:

  • Make sense of your past experiences and find new perspectives

  • Learn to cope with your present challenges

  • Find confidence in yourself and look forward to your future.


"I really feel like I'm being looked after by you, and that I'm really looking after myself too. It's like a battle in my head has ended where everyone has put their weapons down, and now I'm just left with the feeling of serenity."

"You gave me back my life, the life that now I'm not afraid to live."

"The insights you gave me are so helpful and you supported me throughout. Now I feel excited and so sure of myself. Thank you."

"I could write a million words to say thank you, and I'm so grateful to have had you help me through the hardest time in my life."

"Carl is literally the best therapist I've ever had! He has helped me develop a solid mental health strategy moving forward."

"You are incredibly insightful and through your care and holding I've made the progress that I needed but never believed was possible. I've found myself and life."

Carl Kim psychotherapy Counsellor Chelmsford Essex Depression Anxiety Low self-esteem Addiction


My name is Carl Kim. I’m a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in private practice, with a Dip. Psychology from Metanoia Institute – the leading UK institution in psychotherapy and counselling psychology. As part of my Continuing Professional Development I'm in Advanced Clinical Training in an MSc and CTA (Certified Transactional Analysis) – level 7 trainings validated by Middlesex University. I've also worked at MCPS in West London, Centre of Change in Croydon (South London), and CGL STARS (South-End Treatment and Recovery Services) in Essex.


Prior to psychotherapy my professional career was in the corporate world and with technology start-ups where I held senior positions in a wide range of sectors including Banking & Finance, Technology, Marketing, Online Retail and Travel. I hold additional qualifications of Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Visual Arts. I was born in South Korea, grew up in South America, and studied and worked in Australia. I settled permanently in the UK in 2002.

how much

My fee is £60 per session. I also make available a limited number of slots at a concession rate of £45 depending on your financial circumstances.
I offer a free, initial 30-minute phone consultation so you can get a feel of how we can work together.  There's no ongoing obligation after this initial consultation.

how LONG

We will work together once a week, in 50 minute sessions.  Twice weekly arrangement is also possible depending on your needs.  


•  In person at CM1 6BY in North Chelmsford, Essex

•  Online via video, for international and local clients  



What you bring to therapy is personal and can also be profoundly private. Ensuring your confidentiality is utmost importance so that you can explore all aspect of your self freely, safely, and without judgement.


As part of this approach I strictly adhere to the Data Protection practices that are legally required by GDPR regulations, and by the Information Commissioner’s Office (with which I am registered – registration number ZB229088).  You can view details of my Privacy and Digital policy.

ethical practice

I abide by Ethical Codes of Professional Practice of the following bodies and associations:

  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

  • British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis (IARTA)

  • European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA)

Carl Kim psychotherapy Counsellor Chelmsford Essex Depression Anxiety Low self-esteem Addiction


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professional memberships

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